Ketter-Stiftung Zukunft für Kinder
Groß Flottbeker Str. 17

D - 22607 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 / 89 13 03
Fax: +49 40 / 89 13 04

Donations to the foundation

The foundation is registered as charitable under German law. Donations are tax deductible in Germany. Treatment under foreign tax codes has to be investigated case by case. 
All those who identify themselves with the foundation's objectives as well as with the way they are fulfilled, and want to contribute, are free to support its work with their donations.

Foundation's bank details
Hamburger Sparkasse
Sort code: 200 505 50
Account number.: 1043 / 215522
IBAN: DE60200505501043215522  

Projects submission

Since the foundation's resources are already committed on the long-term, please do not submit proposals for new projects.